Travel cancellation insurance

At Apart Samnaun we strive to find a way to return cancellation fees.
However, this is not always possible. This is the case, for example, if an apartment cannot be rented out again and is empty.

When is travel cancellation insurance worthwhile?

Travel cancellation insurance is recommended if the planned trip is expensive or there is an increased likelihood that a co-insured person will become ill before the trip . This is especially true for families with small children or older people. 

What is insured with travel cancellation insurance?

In the event of a trip cancellation, the travel cancellation insurance will reimburse you for the cancellation costs and partial cancellation costs. Depending on how often you travel per year, you will need different travel cancellation insurance .   

Should you book travel cancellation insurance?

Basically, travel cancellation insurance is particularly useful for expensive trips that have been booked well in advance . On the one hand, because a lot can happen in the time between booking and departure that makes it impossible for you to go on your planned vacation. 

What does travel cancellation insurance not cover?

The insurance will NOT pay under these circumstances:

Force majeure such as natural disasters, plagues or epidemics in the travel country . war . Danger of terrorism or travel warnings . Airline or ground crew strikes .   


There are many offers from insurance companies regarding travel cancellation insurance.
Find out more online or contact your insurance contact.